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Life Changing Dog Training Stories

I hired Dharma Dog Training to help me control my dogs and make them well behaved in public areas and at home. I have used many trainers throughout many years of owning dogs and none have been as qualified as Kelley. I am able to walk my dogs throughout my neighborhood under complete control even if other dogs approach. The tools she has taught me are priceless. They are looking out for the community and man's best friend by making everyone safe.  


Julie P., Council Bluffs, IA



I would like to take a moment of your time to share our story of how Dharma Dog Training benefits our personal home.  It started with a trip to the third vet to find a way to help our out of control, panic ridden puppy.  We had been the medication route, which wasn’t productive at all and now we were to the point of surrendering her back to the Humane Society if we couldn’t get it fixed.  Our vet introduced us to Kelley McAtee, (AKA; Dharma Dog Training).  Kelley showed us some new training techniques that worked right from the very beginning.  She taught our puppy how to stay calm when around other people and other dogs as well as how to be comfortable being alone.  Without the training that Dharma Dog Training provides, our “Katie” would not be with us today.


Dharma Dog Training works mostly with dogs and owners who are on their last ditch effort to make life together work.  Without Dharma Dog Training, many of these dogs would be back in the Humane system looking for new forever homes.  One of the best things that Kelley does is to have us work in packs (more than 4 dogs).  This work helps both the owners and the dogs learn how to control their ‘crazies’ around strangers.  


-Terry P., Omaha NE 


The service Dharma provides is nothing short of a miracle- people from all over the Midwest seek them out for anything from simple behavior issues, to life or death scenarios. She has changed the lives of not only thousands of dogs, but people as well. It is hard these days to find someone who isn’t a dog lover- and in this industry we are surrounded by these people every day.

However many of the clients Dharma has worked with are more than just dog lovers- their dogs are their babies, their children, they spend every waking moment with them and endless amounts of money. For others, their dog is a necessity; a therapy dog, a service dog, or an emotional support animal. Some of these clients literally could not survive on their own without Dharma Dog Training.

Dharma has also saved the lives of thousands of dogs. Upwards of 9,000 dogs are euthanized in shelters everyday. A majority of the clientele are rescue dogs, dogs who caught a lucky break and were in the right place at the right time. Some of the dogs had been returned to shelters two times, even up to five or six times, almost always because of behavior issues. Using her skills, and intuity with dogs, Kelley has helped create balanced, well behaved members of families who have gone on to do great things, who otherwise would have been thrown out like trash.

I can say without hesitation that Kelley and Dharma Dog Training have been the driving force behind lowering instances of negative dog encounters in the Omaha/Lincoln/Council Bluffs area, as well helping to keep dogs from being returned to shelters, and ultimately euthanized. Dharma is hoping to expand, to share the skill set Kelley has created and make an impact much wider than just the Nebraska/Iowa area.  


 -Rachael Wilson, Director of Training & Behavior at Midlands Humane Society 














Dharma Dog Training has changed our 7 year old black lab over the last year. We drive over 2 hours each way to take Rylin to see Kelley for training. Kelley understands behavior with aggression and frightened dogs. Rylin really gets in a better state of mind when she is around more people and dogs at the same time in a safe environment. The socialization that Kelley provides helps with this.

Dharma offers a safe environment as all of her staff with their dogs understand the rules and techniques for dogs to meet each other. We have went to dog parks or public areas where dogs off leash will come up and invade our dogs space and the handlers don't resume any responsibility. These dogs need a safe training environment to better their lives.  I can't believe the transformation our dog has had over the last year and its because of Kelley and her team.

-Doug C.  Doniphan, NE  


My family and I met Kelley about 1 year ago after our rescue dog had started making bad decisions and starting fights with out other dog. Finding Kelley and starting training with her was our last resort before having to re home our rescue Sally. When I met Kelley and her pack we were a mess and so many things we were currently doing wasn't helping our situation, but even having dogs all our lives neither my husband or I knew how to change our behaviors or our dogs.

Kelley and her training ability/knowledge is the SOLE reason that 1 year later we still have our rescue dog Sally and our home is a calm environment for humans and pets. Without her training we would have had to re home Sally without a doubt and it would have crushed my husband and I.

My confidence level about my ability to train my dogs and adjust their mind set has done a 360 from where I started the day we walked in her door, a crying mess who couldn't bear the thought of losing a fur baby but didn't know where to start to help her or us.

Our Sally is a bully rescue from CB and I know without Kelley's help and dedication to us and our dogs, Sally would have just been another statistic, instead she's a great addition who is learning new things everyday and NONE of that would have happened without Dharma Dog Training.

-Tasha W.     Ceresco NE


Those of us who have worked with Dharma Dog Training and the trainers have seen nothing short of miracles in our dog’s mental state and behavior. Most of us who go to Dharma have rescue dogs who are unsure about their new environments. When I first brought my dog to see Kelley she was so anxious we could not even complete a session. By the next visit, we were working her on a leash and she was beginning to trust humans and gain confidence. After many workshops, pack walks, and Dharma events, my dog Nala was able to be around other dogs, humans, and visit my father in an assisted living facility where she brightened the day of all the elderly residents.


Later, another rescue dog called my name. Stubby was on death row and was fearful and unsure of humans and excitable around other dogs. With the help of Assistant Trainer Gina, two dogs who never would have been able to live together before are now best buddies and are my world. At his first Dharma event Stubby started out very excitable, but with help from Dharma Trainer, Gina he learned to settle himself and to be calm. We also learned new tools to help him walk more calmly with a pack. This will benefit me and my dogs greatly as we walk trails and encounter other dogs in our daily lives.


Rescue dogs need this type of socialization and training. They need to learn to trust humans and need to learn how to be around other dogs. So many dogs are being euthanized daily because of behavior issues and we have a trainer right here in our area that can help address the problems that so many find unbearable. My story is just one of many success stories; there are so many.


Thank you,

Amie S., Nala & Stubby



We have personally worked with Kelley McAtee and Dharma training for approximately 2 years.  The Rescue that we work with had 2 dogs we needed assistance with in order for them to become more adoptable.  Kelley and Dharma Training provided us with a rehabilitation process, knowledge and tools to help these dogs. I'm very happy to say that both dogs were adopted and have become outstanding pets for both families.  The valuable processes, tools and knowledge that Kelley/Dharma Training has taught us have been an integral part of our Rescue's ability to rehabilitate many more dogs since then.  Without Kelley/Dharma Training, we would not have been able to help these dogs be successfully adopted into loving family homes.

My husband, pups and I just became personal clients of Dharma Training two months ago due to serious issues arising with 2 of our 7 dogs.  Within the first week of Kelley's consultation/initial training session, we began seeing vast improvements with all 7 dogs.  Our life and pack has become more peaceful, balanced and all of our lives have completely changed for the better.  Kelley's extensive education, knowledge, passion, and intuitive ability to help dogs and owners is outstanding.  Kelley McAtee and Dharma Training not only helps many people/families, she also saves lives.

--Dr. Paul and Heidi V.  Yutan, NE


I'm confident that we would not have Remi today had we not found her and Dharma Dog Training.  When we met, Remi was extremely protective of his family, had outburst around other animals, became un-glued when anyone he deemed a "stranger" came near, barked uncontrollably and charged the fence.  We were not able to control him.  Because of this we could not take him out in public as part of our family, I was only able to walk him at 10 pm because I was certain no one was out, and if he went outside in our yard we had to go so he wouldn't charge the fence.  We had tried 2 other "cookie cutter" dog training classes, and both deemed him "trained".  Only this was not the case; at best Remi knew his basic command inside the house and no where else.  I was at a low place with him and ready to admit we could not keep him; which broke my heart. 


Remi has transformed into the well behaved dog and it is all because of her.  She came into our home and gave us confidence that she could help us...and she did.  She gave us the tools we needed to help Remi realize the world was not out to get him or his family.  In 4 sessions she took Remi through the basics to being off-leash trained; which we thought would never be possible.  We no longer have to worry about him barking uncontrollably or charging the fence. The sessions were not just for Remi, they taught us as his owners how to guide him on-leash, to be comfortable and confident both at home and in public.  The moment I was able to drop the leash during his first off-leash hike with you, a weight was lifted off my shoulders - he looked so happy. 


She is truly the best at what she does and critical part of our community.  She helps so many and we will always be grateful for everything they’ve done for Remi and our family. 

Thank you,

-Mary A. & Remi


Dharma Dog Training has changed our lives. Kelley and her programs and trainers have brought peace into our lives with our Doberman, Jasper. Jasper was a stray rescue by the Nebraska Humane Society. Being abandoned and being on his own Jasper came with a lot of survival instincts and had learned to make his own decisions so that he could survive. However, those decisions and habits that he had been making on his own weren't appropriate or safe for him or us now that he is a part of our family.

Over that last 4 years of having him in our family we have tried several other training programs that were unsuccessful. Something was always missing and we were left frustrated. Kelley and Dharma Dog Training was the first program we ever saw real change from. She knew exactly where we were coming from and didn't hold all of our bad habits over our head. Instead she started where we were and taught and showed us how to advocate for Jasper and helped us give him clarity and consistency so that he could make better choices and know that he can trust us. Jasper has gone from being a reactive, anxious, scared dog to a calm dog that knows what is expected of him in our home, neighborhood, and society. We have gone from dog owners who were scared to go out our front door with him and walk down the sidewalk to calm, strong, and prepared dog owners who are ready to help and advocate for him.

Dogs and humans that go through her program and are properly socialized with other dogs and people are given a wonderful second chance to have a full and happy life together with their humans and other dogs. By socializing with other dogs and enjoying belonging to a pack our dogs are given balance and have the opportunity to learn how to behave properly and appropriately around other dogs and people. This provides such a huge service to us as owners and the community we live in because we are safer to be around and we are better prepared for the environment because we get to practice around other dogs with Kelley's supervision.

Kelley and Dharma Dog Training is a blessing to hundreds of people and dogs and those blessed go on to help others. It is a gift that keeps giving and one we will be forever grateful for.

-Kelly, Evan, and Jasper P. Omaha NE


To explain how Dharma Dog Training has impacted my life and the life of my dog Olivia, let me first give you a bit of background on my girl.  I adopted Olivia in September 2013. Olivia quickly became extremely protective of me and our home. She barked and growled like mad whenever anyone walks by, or god forbid, came to the door. I had to put her in her kennel or the bathroom if I ordered delivery food. If I had friends over, she would lunge and nip. On the leash, she pulled and would bark and snap at anyone on a bike, or any other dogs out on walks.

About a year ago I hired someone who promoted a “one-session fix” for all dogs. He openly stated that Olivia was one of the more challenging dogs he's ever worked with, and she certainly wasn't "fixed" after our 2 hours together. I was crushed thinking that if this "one session fixer" couldn't help my dog, no one could. Olivia spent lots of time in the Doggy Day Camp at Petsmart, but after attacking other dogs, she was banned from the group camp sessions. This was the eye-opening I needed to look for serious training to help my girl be the best dog she can be.

I heard about Dharma Dog Training and sent in an application for a consultation. One hour into our first meeting, I knew I was going to sign up for a five-session training. Kelley and the methods she teaches made absolute sense. “There is no magic wand. It’s not a magic fix.” She reinforced that Olivia didn’t become the way she is overnight, and wouldn’t become a perfect calm dog overnight either. I was attracted to Dharma Dog Training BECAUSE of the “homework”, the follow up, the maintenance, the multiple sessions.  

Olivia and I have had three sessions with Kelley and already my girl is like a completely new dog. We still have leaps and bounds to go, but I know that with the tools Dharma Dog Training has given me, I can actually take Olivia to a farmers market someday. I can have people to my house without her attacking them.  I might even be able to adopt a second dog someday, which I’ve always dreamt of! These are things that seem minor to others, but to me make me tear up because I truly never thought my dog could be anything but full of fearful aggression.   


-Laura H., Olivia  Omaha NE

Kelley's training and guidance have been essential to bringing peace to my otherwise chaotic home. My dog’s behavior and training have improved tremendously with Kelley's help and guidance. She has helped me learn to be the pack leader to my dogs and to understand not only their behavior but also to pay attention to their body language more closely and to understand what they are trying to tell me.  She has also helped me understand more about the health of my dogs which is a tremendous help.


I have recommended her to numerous people and will continue to do so. I have the utmost confidence in Dharma Dog Training and Kelley's abilities and judgement in regards to what and how she trains not only the animals but what she teaches us as responsible pet owners.  


Thank you,
Kristine Tuxhorn, Omaha NE


I would like to take a few minutes to tell you how much Dharma Dog Training has helped me and my dogs.  As with most rescue dogs, their history is unknown.  When I brought the two dogs together things went well for a few weeks.  Then the unexpected fights would break out.  Had we not gotten help from Kelley and Dharma Dog training, I would have had to return a dog to face an uncertain future that would most likely end with one being euthanized.  


We are forever grateful to Kelley for teaching us all to live together in harmony.  Our hope is that Dharma Dog Training will be able to help many others who are struggling with their dogs.  


Thank you, Cathy B., Lilo and Hailey    Council Bluffs, IA




Dharma Dog Training has been a great friend to me and my anxious little miniature schnauzer!  The first consultation gave me hope that my dog may be able to be transformed into a well behaved dog with excellent manners.  This can’t be done alone, the journey to a balanced dog is filled with well rounded pack members from other dogs to caring trainers and other proactive owners!  I chose to be proactive and not wait for an unfortunate bad dog event to seek out the professional help of Dharma Dog Training. I have not regretted my decision and look forward to seeing my Dharma pack members each month at the pack walks and get additional training tips.


Tara W. and Trooper Omaha NE  


I'm writing to express how grateful I am to Kelley McAtee and Dharma Dog Training. I have a three year old rescue dog who was very difficult to control and came to me with fear aggression. I've had several private training sessions with Kelley. We've come a long way! I've learned so much about how to effectively manage my dog's behavior. Kelley has guided me in creating a calm environment, with clear expectations, and my dog is now a great companion!



Tammy H. Omaha NE


Dharma Dog Training saved my dog and I'm forever grateful for all their help! I feel like I needed the direction & training just as much, if not more, than my pup Lady. Without it, I don't know where we would be. Lady's anxiety and poor behavior have significantly decreased and she gets better every day. I'm forever grateful.


Kylie N. & Lady, Omaha NE


I wanted to take a minute and send you an update on how much change I have seen in Ransom since I started working with Dharma Dog Training. The analogy that seems fitting is it as if has received and update to his operating software.  I consider this v.2 of Ransom.  Before working with them he was unable to be around other dogs without having an major attack of fear.  I had gotten him from a rescue and was faced with a decision to return him or find something to help both of us.  I am so thankful I found them as I really didn't want to surrender him again. Their approach and place in the bluffs have allowed so many of us to find peace with our pets.  I can't thank you and your family for the willingness to share this property as a sanctuary for healing.


-Jana H. & Ransom, Omaha NE


Kelley is an excellent dog trainer & pet behavior specialist. It is obvious that she is very compassionate and caring about animals, and this combined with her excellent techniques, concepts, suggestions and rapport with both dogs and people, make her the absolute best choice for us while working with our rescue lab "owly growly" Jetta. The results speak for themselves; our dog is happier and our whole household is more peaceful. Thank you Kelley!

-Heather & Doug L., Omaha, NE



There are very few dog trainers willing to work, teach & transform dogs the way she can.  The majority of trainers who deal with dog/people aggression or behavioral issues; opt out of helping, try a few generic techniques & if that doesn't work, give up, or deem the dog aggressive.  They rarely take the time, dedication & determination that she does.  Her ability & passion for training is recognized! She has a very special talent & will continue to help dogs in need!

-Gina R., Papillion, NE

After a lot of frustration, I asked Kelley to help us figure out how to make better choices in stressful situations. We learned it is possible to stay calm instead of raising a ruckus around other dogs or freaking out whenever someone rings the doorbell. Kelley showed us how to break these situations down so Trillian knows the score and she knows MOM will deal with stuff, so she can stay cute, calm and collected.

-Lynn S., Omaha NE


Gypsy, Tucker and I got back from our walk & you would have been SO PROUD of us!  We were able to stop and talk to neighbors, they got petted and behaved!  Also when two Westies got loose, barking and charging at us!  I only used the pet corrector once, and everyone settled down until the owner came to get them!  They did GREAT, they sat at corners.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, you have been such a blessing.  I actually enjoyed our walk tonight!

-Jocelyn M., Omaha NE


"Kelley's techniques and teaching style has allowed us to place and keep dogs in homes that prior to her help would have a had a low chance of succeeding otherwise.  Not only do I use her tips and techniques daily with many of the families who foster and adopt from us, I use them with my own dogs as well.  I continue to recommend Kelley and her services to anyone who is looking for training and want results!"

-Brad Q., Lincoln NE, Revolution Rescue/ Bully Breed Volunteer  


Our family wanted help with Caballo being less reactive on leash.  Kelley was able to give us some excellent tools for helping our pack stay calm and balanced while on a walk & inside our house, so my pack could handle the rest of the world.  We are so excited to have this sense of confidence. Thank you so much for working with our pack, I know great things are going to come with your help this morning we experienced the most peaceful walk we have EVER had!

-Jonna C., Omaha

We thank God everyday we found Kelley! We're so grateful to her as he was our last hope & Jack has been doing AWESOME!!  My husband even took him to the vet who commented on his changed demeanor & apologized for suggesting that we put Jack to sleep! He's only had a few anxious episodes but we now have the knowledge to help him! Jack is a much happier & more engaged dog, and we have our family back!!  Kelley is patient, knowledgeable & compassionate!

-Ashley & Brian W., Omaha NE

I believe a huge reason for our success, is that Kelley didn’t just take the leash from us. Instead, she worked with us & gave us the knowledge, tools, & confidence to correct Nero’s behavior ourselves. Thanks to her, we can once again take Nero for relaxing walks & to dog friendly events.  Instead of having the embarrassing moments of reactivity, we are now getting complimented on how well-behaved Nero is! Kelley is an amazing trainer & we highly recommend her!

-Angela & Greg C., Papillion, NE


Hi Kelley, we are doing very well and just wanted to update you.  Ginger does extremely well at the bottom of the basement stairs. In fact she remembers to sit and wait even when I forget!  Fred the cat is most grateful for the new manners!  The front door "wait" is working. No accidents in the house!  The 'pee posts' came today, so I am anxious to see how they work. I will let you know!  We really loved meeting you & learning your methods. You definitely have a gift!


 - Ginny L, Omaha NE


"Kelley's tremendous abilities as a dog trainer has changed my relationship with Isabella.  Kelley is intuitive & has a gift of understanding dog behavior. She also has the ability to clearly communicate & teach her clients what she knows.  She taught me to be accountable and focused on training my dog & she gave me detailed, specific and realistic goals for me to accomplish with Issie. Our life has improved in so many ways because of this & has been the best investment!

-Peggy P., Omaha NE


"We went to training class with other dogs, read books and looked up a lot of tips online, but nothing compared to the 1 on 1 attention we received from Kelley, who worked with Teddy on his turf! It was great because I could show her the issues we are having in our home and she worked with us to correct them! We are so thankful to have met Kelley and can't speak highly enough of her work! She is a true Dog Whisperer!

-Jeanne Z, Omaha NE  (Teddy)


"My dog Koco lacks confidence & suffers from separation anxiety issues.   Our vet suggested I contact Kelley, who helped me improve a variety of situations with my dog!  She mainly helped Koco improve her confidence on walks & helped Koco with her separation anxiety!  Kelley has a variety of options available to help you!  I honestly didn't think that Kelley could make my dog comfortable enough for me to leave the house again, but she did! She is a miracle worker!

-Holly T., Omaha NE


Kelley, I want to thank you again for your help, it truly made all the difference in the world for us!  Even small things as the collar you recommended ...amazing! I know each trainer has their way of teaching but I feel very lucky to have found you! I am more aware of the timing of Zoey's triggers and I love your advice on STOP, and not rubbing her ears while in her 'unsafe' spots! Thanks again, you are amazing and you made our night!

-Kali H., Nebraska City


As one of Kelley's teachers, I can say without question, one of the smartest, most dedicated, and knowledgeable dog trainers I know. She has a deep intuitive understanding of what dogs want and need, along with an amazing sense of commitment and dedication to her clients. If you are looking for a trainer, you should give her a call.

-Lee Charles Kelley, New York City, NY


Hallie is doing great & I feel so much more confident with her listening to me!  She is also doing great on our walks! Last night I heard a group of people comment on how she sat at a crosswalk before crossing the street...they were very surprised and amazed!  We have encountered dogs since our session.  She has started paying attention to me before reacting which has been fabulous! We will keep working on see you at the PACK WALK on Sunday!

-Christina W., Omaha, NE


Kelley did a fantastic job helping us out with some issues with our dog.  From the moment she arrived, we were very comfortable & confident she was going to be able to help us! Kelley was very professional & knowledgeable about what needed to be done & Sadie responded to her in no time.  The techniques have made a huge change in Sadie & how we work with her to overcome her barking & anxiety.  If your looking for someone to work with your dog(s) look no further!

-Lesa M., Omaha NE


If you are looking for a behaviorist and animal lover Kelley is a perfect fit.  Kelley is patient, insightful, dependable, generous and both the animal and owner!!  Kelley goes above and beyond; she truly cares about the animals and their well-being. She is observant and recommends useful tips to improve the quality of my kids' lives.  We are fortunate to have such an amazing person offering her talents and time.

-Ashley T., Omaha NE  (Puppy, Boots & Nino)

We are really pleased with your training,  I've never seen Boogie so calm.  It's fabulous! The training is going well.  We had my sister and her husband over this weekend and Boogie stayed in place while they came in and stayed there until verbally released 20 minutes later!  This is the first time they haven't been mauled by him after walking in the door.  I'm looking forward to working with you again and doing the pack walks down the road!"

-Megan S., Omaha NE


Kelley was instrumental in helping my pack & I adjust to a new member of our family, after I adopted an adult Great Dane rescue.  This created quite a bit of stress in the house & required some expert advice and counsel.  Kelley was absolutely terrific!  Without her support & behavior modification plan, I know it wouldn’t have worked out as well as it has. She has a holistic & customized approach; a well rounded approach we needed!  I really can’t thank Kelley enough!

-Kirstin G., Omaha NE


If you see Kelley interact with dogs, you can instantly tell that she cares deeply them.  Within a few minutes of speaking with her it is also easy to see that she is very knowledgeable & how to communicate with dogs.  We recently adopted a 3 yr old Yorkie, who sadly spent the majority of his life in a crate. She taught us the importance of a feeding schedule.  These tips along with the other advice Kelley has given us us housebreak Jackson.  We trust her completely!

-Erin P., Des Moines, IA

What a change in our two schnauzers!! We can't thank you enough for helping us create a calmer life for Katie & Hannah! We really enjoy PACK WALKS with other dogs owners.  The dogs found some dog friends to play with & we're making good progress with barking & reacting around other dogs! Your suggestions & training is certainly working!  And who would have believed Katie would learn how to play with toys! Would not have gotten this far without you! Thank you!

-Cindy & Roger, K. Omaha NE



What went well during our session? Everything!  The training session gave me hope!  I saw Lady work & what is possible, which was really gratifying and made me feel good.  I learned that she is not happy (as I had previously thought) on our walk, but frantic instead.  Talking with Kelley helped me realize that when I changed the way I walked with Lady, she became calmer and more relaxed.  When Lady fell in line and walked with me I felt like we were a team!

-Teresa L., Omaha NE


You showed us in a half hour what we had been struggling with for two years.  Thanks so much for everything!  Sirius and I were showing off our new tricks already last night.  This is going to make a tremendous difference for us.   We will be at the pack walks, so I look forward to seeing you there!

Jen R. -Omaha NE


We love how knowledgeable Kelley is about how dogs function & communicate, making it easy to get to the heart of the problem!  Kelley figured out why our dog was behaving a certain way & approached the problem from there.  She had tons of tips for us to help our dog become a well mannered canine from door greetings, to counter surfing. On top of all that, Toohey adores her! Having someone we trust handling our dog is very important to us, since she's family!

-Carolyn, B. Omaha, NE


What I liked best about Kelley' training services was that the sessions are one on one, and at my my house in Duke's environment.  When he is away from home his triggers are not the same.  I appreciated the fact Kelley showed me how to implement the training techniques before I tried them, and if I didn't understand we could do it again until I got it right.  I also liked the fact that Kelley worked with both me and my dog to ensure we understood the training.

-Stephanie S, Papillion, NE


Chloe is truly a different dog since you were here on Friday-I am amazed!  We have been able to get out of the house the last two mornings without the chaos from Chloe's crazy behavior.   I'm not sure why we haven't be able to have this success previously with past trainers, but for whatever reason the combination of methods that you taught us really "clicked" with us and Chloe and have made such a difference.  You are Omaha's own "Dog Whisperer"  :)  Thank you!!

-Jamiee, J. Omaha NE

We hired Kelley to help with our dogs behavior issues.  Our new dog, Ellie, was fearful & barked at everyone & other dogs.  Our dog Mattie was jealous and would strike out at Ellie.  Our dogs responded well to Kelley.  She goes above and beyond by spending extra time to make sure you understand how to work with your dog (s) to get the results you are looking for!  We liked her training philosophy & found her to be just as effective as a trainer of people!

-Holly & Phil, H., Bellevue, NE


Things are going great with Hurley! Between the sage, crate & more walks he is getting back to himself! I feel kind of silly for not doing the crate thing sooner but I always thought he would hate it. Not at all!! He even put on 5 lbs which is HUGE for him especially in such a short time! The other night we had a late night storm, he hunkered down at the foot of the bed. HUGE! I can't thank you enough for the seemingly simple changes. Thank you a MILLION times over!!

-Anna Hunter, Omaha NE


We've tried other trainers, but Kelley's ways of training are like no other. She came to meet with us & started training as soon as she walked in the door!  Zoe was attacking the tv, barking at everyone outside, couldn't walk outside on windy days among many other issues! Today, we are still working on her issues but we feel much better knowing now how to deal with her behaviors! I would recommend Kelley's training for any dog in need!


 -Tracy C., Omaha, NE

“To say that Dharma changed our lives would be a complete understatement. I credit Dharma and their resources to helping save my dog’s life. Raleigh is my best friend, but he was really struggling when we found Dharma. Kelley was able to provide all the resources and guidance that we needed in order to help Raleigh understand that the world is not such a terrifying place. We were given the opportunity to complete the off-leash program, attend pack walks and be involved in the group class setting. All of these opportunities gave Raleigh a chance to interact with other dogs. This is something he never would have done prior to Dharma. At one point in our lives, we were unable to have new guests enter our home without fear of Raleigh lashing out. Thanks to Dharma, Raleigh now absolutely loves when we have company over. This was something I would have never thought possible. Thanks to all the hard work and knowledge of Dharma Dog Training (Kelley and everyone else) we were able to help Raleigh control his emotions and become the happy little dog that I knew he could be!”


– Kristin C. , Omaha, NE

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