Although the shelters and rescues in the United States do all they can to help with our pet overpopulation problem, I feel we have a system that is broken, that is why Dharma Dog Training is proud to be a partner with the SNIP foundation.  SNIP's approach to animal welfare and rescue programs is very different from traditional rescue organizations. SNIP promotes low-cost spay and neuter services for dogs and cats as the only humane way to control companion animal population with special emphasis on prevention and education on responsible pet ownership. They have a vision for a world free of animal suffering is based on a global approach, one that recognizes that without animal welfare there is no community welfare.   SNIP is a young, dynamic and cost effective organization that stands out for improving lives of dogs and cats in developing nations. 




The SNIP recipe for success:


1.  Train communities in how to organize low-cost mass spay & neuter clinics in their neighborhoods

2.  Work with animal organizations in order to offer regularly scheduled spay & neuter clinics in low income areas

3.  Network with private practice veterinarians so they open their doors 1x a month to offer low-cost spay/neuter services

4.  Provide a support system for those strays that need to be helped off the streets due to injury or extreme neglect

5.  Promote community outreach education about responsible pet ownership.



JOIN US for an amazing opportunity to enjoy a volunteering vacation in beautiful Costa Rica! Visit this tropical paradise and be an active participant to projects designed to improve animal welfare in developing nations. 


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My beautiful and wonderful host and the Founder of SNIP, Carla's property where I stayed during my time volunteering!  Look at her sweet pack of dogs and a few other 4 legged visitors.  A dogs dream!  And her chickens that laid fresh eggs for us.  Amazing gated property with the coffee plantation behind us!  The dogs had so much fun running around and playing with lemons and keeping us safe.  I couldn't have asked for a nicer place to stay! 

This was my first SNIP clinic at a local school that donated space for the spay and neuter clinic with Dr. Blas Revas and his staff in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Trained in Costa Rica, has practiced small animal medicine since 1989. Traveled to the US to learn Spay USA surgery technique and adapted the small incision method to rural/developing world settings. Has trained over 500 veterinarians in developing nations.  Dr. Revas is one of the veterinarians that SNIP partners with for their clinics, and the up and coming vet students love to work with him, and you can see why!  He is full of knowledge and loves what he does.  We handed out pamphlets with after care information and then I helped trim nails while the dogs were still under anestesia.  I definitely struggled with my spanish on my first day, but luckily everyone was very kind and helpful, and most importantly the people in the community were so thankful for this clinic, where we fixed almost 40 dogs and cats!

This was the clinic was with Dr. Olman Solano and his staff in his vet clinic. Trained in Costa Rica, has practiced small animal veterinary medicine for the past 15 years. Now has his own vet clinic to see regular patients as well as operating low cost spay and neuter clinics for local rescue groups on the weekends!  What an amazing day, staff was so friendly and I got to see up close how a small incision surgery is done, this time with tying tubes.  Very clean procedure, but be warned some of these photos are graphic, but all for a good cause! 

SNIP also parnters with local organizations with grants for spay and neuter projects in our developing countries.  I got to spend a few days with the founder and President of ANPA, National Associaton for Protection of Animals in Costa Rica!  These ladies are amazing and so kind and generous to open their homes to me and share all their knowledge with me.  I was touched by this whole experience.  Gisela Pico travels to conferences in the U.S. to speak about their No-Kill Nation model and that shelters are not the answer, but spay and neuter along with education is the answer to this pet overpopulation problem we are all dealing with.  These pictures were from a clinic I volunteered at in a low income area in downtown Costa Rica, I helped these vets and their staff moving animals, trimming nails and waking them up from anestesia.  

And after working so hard at the clinics I had to take a day to go to the beach...and what beautiful beaches they have there! Wow, it was amazing and I could have stayed in that water all day long.  So wonderful!  My taxi driver was so kind and even though he didn't speak any english we managed to sing to english songs together! So fun.  Everyone was so friendly and it was an amazing experience!!  

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2017 DATES: 

Flexible based on your travel schedule!



SNIP can accommodate a maximum of 2 visitors per trip



Transportation to all activities and from/to airport

Breakfast & Welcome dinner

Lodging: You will be staying at Carla’s house.  Carla is the Founder of the SNIP Foundation and lives next to a beautiful coffee plantation with 7 rescued dogs. You will use the guest room with private bathroom. You will share a room with the other participant.




Lunches or dinners (except welcome dinner on day one)

Any type of insurance

Entrance fee to Poas Volcano ($10 per person)






DAY            ACTIVITY                                            DESCRPTION_________________________________


1                        Arrival                                                                 Airport pick-up & transport to SNIP's guest house

                          Evening of Arrival                                              Welcome dinner & presentation


2                        Spay & Neuter Clinic Dr. Blas Rivas                Learn about community model we teach:  low cost surgery available

                                                                                                         to low  income families


3                        Spay & Neuter Clinic                                          Hands on activity; help with s/n prep, post-op recovery or assist

                                                                                                         during surgeries     


4                        Outreach Education                                           Visit a public school and see how kids learn about responsible pet



5                        Furry Saturday                                                   Meet & mingle with 600 rescue dogs in the beautiful moutains of

                                                                                                         Costa Rica        


6                        Poas Volcano                                                        Visit one of the world's largest active craters & enjoy the beautiful

                                                                                                          mountain nature surrounding it             


7                        Departure                                                              You may choose to leave or plan a longer stay in our country.  We can

                                                                                                          assist you to design the perfect itinerary to surf our amazing beaches

                                                                                                          or to visit the rain and cloud forests.     



Interested in coming to volunteer with us?