Frequently Asked Questions

Am I the right trainer for you?

WE LOVE dogs and have dedicated our lives to them.  Our goal is to keep them healthy, happy and in their homes!  We treat all our clients how we want to be treated and their dogs like we would our own.  We take a very professional, HONEST approach to helping you and your pets live a peaceful life together. We do have the right to refuse services if we feel uncomfortable or if this is not going to be a HEALTHY and positive working relationship.  Or if you are not keeping up on your end of the bargain in terms of doing the homework we ask you to do. In that case any prior payment will be refunded and we can refer you to another trainer that might be a better solution for you and your dogs.  We go above and beyond for my clients, and have built my business on good long standing relationships with them.  I love to work with open minded people who appreciate what I do, and understand my training philosphy!  

Are you the right clients for us?


We are looking to work with clients that are committed to the process and ready to the change their relationship with their dogs.  That means sometimes taking a hard look at our own behaviors and how they are affecting life with our dogs.  Changes in our interactions with our dogs can sometimes feel foreign and strange to begin with, but like any habits and patterns, when we are aware of them, we can start to make changes.  We are looking for clients that are  committed to their homework assigned each session and the recommendations we give.  Also that are dedicated to follow the behavior modification plan, and commit to this wholeheartedly so that it becomes a WAY OF LIFE, all our success depends on it.  Again, we can get alot more accomplished together when we are on all the same page to start with! 

How long will it take to "fix" my dog?


We don't us the word "fix" because once a dog or human is rehabilitated they aren't fixed. You will have to be mindful that they have areas of weakness just like humans do.  You will see RESULTS AFTER YOUR FIRST SESSION, which should motivate you to continue on your journey, which will be really intense process but it takes 21 DAYS TO CREATE A HABIT and 90 DAYS TO CREATE A LIFESTYLE.  But also have to ask yourself how long have these bad habits been going on?  How committed are you to the process?  How much time do you have to work with your dog?   The first training session and consultation is two hours long it's also two hours and will give you an idea of what it's like to work with us, and determine if we are good fit as well as which training program is best to help you reach your GOALS. Keep in mind after you have completed a training program or have approval from your trainer, you have access to our monthly PACK WALKS, WORKSHOPS, and ADD ON training sessions to keep practicing on everything you are learning with your dog!  If you stay committed to the process and implement training into your daily life, you will be on your way to a new life with your dog!

What training tools do you use?


Our goal is to help dogs, and we have a variety of tools that I use to create a balanced state of mind for dogs.  We hesitate listing our tools from past experience that people go out and purchase these tools without properly knowing how to use them.  They can end up doing more harm than good when they do not use them properly.   These tools are only part of the entire behavior modification plan and are fully explained to the human and dog.  Why we use these tools are explained to our clients so they are 100% comfortable with them and know how to use them and paired with other tools to create a balanced state of mind in their dogs. For informational purposes the tools we use every tool sold in a pet store;  slip leads, prong training collars, treats, toys, pet correctors, place beds, voice commands, body spacial pressure, and information, along with low level e-collar training if clients want off leash 100% reliability. We are focused on opening communication lines between you and your dog, so there is no longer anxiety or confusion about what is expected. And dogs respond to information differently, so we adjust our techniques and tools depending on the dog sensitivity levels. 

Payment & Fees

Payment is always due at the time of service.  We require a DEPOSIT to hold your session time and can be paid in advance through our website, payment is due before private sessions begin for packages, and unfortunately due to the limited amount of clients we can take on each month, your committment to the training process is important.  We ask that you complete your training within 6 months of purchasing your program.  If you stop following through with your training and call a year or more later then you can understand why we would need to re-evaluate where you are at. We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone that we feel is not following through with our recommendations and putting their dogs or humans in unsafe situations during training.  PACK WALKS are due in advance or day of the walk.  All of our payments are made through PayPal. Sales tax is 7% tax Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion NE and None in IA. 

Cancellations & Rescheduling

We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with us, and we expect the same appreciation for our time.  There are so many dogs that need our help, that holding a spot for you and your dogs means that we can only focus on you. You will get an email confirmation the Sunday prior to your session as a reminder of our appointment.   If you RESCHEDULE your appointment with more than 24 hour notice, there will be no late fee (and emergencies are taken into consideration). If you CANCEL your private session with less than 72 hours notice there is a 50% fee assessed because we limit our daily appointments and have blocked out a special time slot for you and your dogs. Please note: If you CANCEL your Private Session in less than 24 hours or are a NO SHOW, your DEPOSIT will not be refunded, because we have arranged our other clients schedule around you and your dogs. For refunds on training programs, please see the above regarding payment and fees.

Ready to set up a training consultation?


After you have taken time to look through our website and read and understand our training philosophy, watched our videos, only then should you book a training consultation.   If our PHILOSOPHY is in line with yours, chances are we would make a good team to help your dog!  And if you have decided that we are the training company for you and you are ready to move forward on the path of peace and happiness with your dog, WE ARE SO EXCITED TO WORK WITH YOU! Remembering hiring us as your trainers, means we are your trainers for the LIFE OF YOUR DOG. We always say dog training is a journey, not a DESTINATION and we look forward to guiding you on your journey and empowering you with TOOLS you will have for the rest of your life!