Real World Dog Training Brings Real Life Changes

Change is a Process...Building a Foundation Takes Time!


Dharma Dog Training takes a unique but simple approach to dog training solutions for your pets' behavior issues.  We teach owners how to use the leash as a primary communication tool to begin with a special type of pressure/release training, called the "COMMUNICATIVE LEASHWORK PROCESS" ™ to open up communication lines between you and your dog.  We use a leash as a primary communication tool along with voice and spacial pressure, along with a variety of other tools to affectively teach your dog.  And a good trainer knows which tools to use for which dog to help speed up the learning process and also to build trust while setting rules, boundaries and limitations for your dog so they may understand how to live in our human world.  


Our training always involves the "least invasive, minimally aversive" (LIMA) techniques designed to affect your dog's "state of mind," so that we are not chasing problems but creating a balanced mind and body so that most behavior problems fade away. We have developed a unique and proven program helping thousands of dogs and their owners life a happier and more peaceful life, and most importantly keeping these dogs in their homes. 



Once we show you how lay a SOLID FOUNDATION of dog training, YOU will have the POWER to create a calm state of mind in any dog, which will in turn give you PEACE in your LIFE!  Your dog will follow your commands ON or OFF LEASH, depending on your dogs needs and your goals so that you can have the life with your dog you have always dreamed of. We look at training as LIFE SKILLS that you and  your dogs will have for the rest of your life! 


OUR FOUNDATIONAL WORK is based on years of:






We design customized behavior modification plans for your specific household because we realize that every human/pet relationship and household is different.  Behavior modification plans include the foundation that we implement from above to achieve a calm, balanced state of mind:







Animals are a different species from humans and this difference can creates challenges in communicating with each other. But human and dog psychology is not that much different, and our focus is to help you solve the problems  you are having with your dogs, without jeopardizing your relationship with your pets, but actually improving your bond. Understanding what your dog is trying to tell you is key in solving or preventing problems and conflicts!





  • The animals immediate needs come first, taking into account whether the animal is injured, ill, fearful, frustrated, hungry, thirsty, needing to eliminate or exercise, and ensuring the animal's needs have been met so they can concentrate on training.


  • Learning to interpret animals' body language, tuning into telltale signs that let you know how the animal is feeling-whether it's joy, fear, frustration or some other emotion.  Understanding body language improves communication and keeps everyone safe.


  • Learning how your actions or inaction are affecting your pets behavior, and how to lead and guide your dog to make better, appropriate choices by teaching them the behaviors you want from them.


  • Earning respect on both ends of the leash; leadership means being firm but fair, balanced training is not about dominating your dog so that they fear you, but we work to earn the respect of your dog and in return they offer the same respect.


  • Becoming clear about your expectations for your animal, and also being honest about your abilities and commitment level that may hinder progress for both you and your dog.


  • Figuring out how to affectively communicate to your dog in fair and clear ways they can understand, while holding them accountable for behaviors they know and refuse to comply with.


  • Using what motivates your dog to create positive associations to mark what behaviors you want from your dog. While using pressure to help them understand how to deal with the stress of the world. 


  • Using pressure when your dog gets into an unhealthy state of mind, to help them shift to a healthier state and releasing pressure when they are in a good head space.  

  • Setting clear rules and boundaries for your dog and learn how to give your dogs humane consequences for negative/unsafe behaviors that you would like to change.

  • Building self confidence in your dog, by continuing to give your pet new coping skills to deal with various situations. 


  • Watching/reading your pet carefully, setting them up for success, instead of pushing them too far, too fast, too soon and giving them too much responsibility your pet may not be ready for.





"To empower dog owners with the tools and knowledge to train their dogs, keeping them healthy, happy and in their home. We guide you down a path of peace through humane, balanced training that honors your dogs mind, body and spirt.  By teaching you the mirroring nature of the relationship with your dog, and a true understanding of respect at both ends of the leash, we can create long lasting positive changes in the physical and mental state of your dogs."




Clear communication 

 Building open and honest relationships

Creativity, courage and open mindedness

Embrace and respect our animals true nature

Be passionate, determined and accountable

Exceed all expectations

Have fun and enjoy the process