Dharma Dog Training Internship 

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Individuals participating in the Dharma Dog Training Apprenticeship Program will receive a well rounded basic knowledge of canine mental health and how it affects behavior issues on a daily basis with their owners, as they learn to train basic obedience and good manners to assist in developing a balance state of mind in the dog.  Interns will work directly with the Owner, Master trainer Kelley McAtee as well as Head and Lead Trainers for the course of the internship which lasts 6 months. 


• Interest in Animal Behavior is preferred

• Extreme passion for our company’s mission;

helping people gain peace through humane balanced training while saving dogs lives

• A love of dogs without bias against specific breeds

• Strong written and interpersonal and communication skills

  • Video and editing skills preferred

• Ability to maintain a professional demeanor with clients and other team members

• High threshold for frustration/stress and ability to absorb information quickly

• ProActive and hard work ethic/Must be available nights and weekends 

• Ability to commit a minimum of 15-20 scheduled hours to training and assisting each week

• Ability to make a 6 month minimum commitment to the program



• Undergo ongoing training relevant to the program

• Assist Trainers during training sessions as additional handler

• Take photos and videos of each training session and share with Dharma trainers after

• Assist with maintaining training workspace, cleanliness, organizing equipment, etc as needed

• Assist with data entry, video editing, uploading information as needed



• Maintain professional standards of performance, demeanor and appearance at all times

• Perform tasks and responsibilities in a complete and timely manner, complying with company policies 

• Maintain a creative, team building, cooperative approach to our work

  • Seek to bring a constructive, problem solving orientation to all tasks

• Maintain an awareness of our mission and work to promote animal welfare and social change 

• Ability to work with a variety of people from differing backgrounds



• 21 years of age or older

• Ability to handle large (60+ lb), strong dogs

• Prior experience with dogs preferred


 This is an amazing opportunity to learn about dog behavior, work with a team of like minded strong women, build your resume, while making a huge difference and saving lives of animals in our community.  If interested, please submit your resume and letter of intent to Kelley McAtee at dharmadogmother@gmail.com.


Thank you,

Kelley McAtee

The Dharma Dog Pack