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LIFE with your DOG?


Are you tired of other dog training techniques 

that offer unrealistic advice and solutions, are not based on real life scenarios, and ask you to ignore bad and unhealthy behaviors with your dogs, instead of teaching them to deal with stress?


Are you tired of your dog

being out of control, not listening to you , pulling you down the street, jumping on guests, biting people or other dogs, embarrassing you in public & making your life more stressful?



We have proven training methods that work for the most serious behavior problems!

Dog  and human aggression, anxiety, fears, separation anxiety, attachment problems, phobias, in pack dog fighting, jumping, barking, walking politely on leash, door greetings, chewing, digging, marking, house training, socializing and play behaviors and more!


We offer a unique blend of dog training, along with personal development while focusing your dogs emotional and mental health. Changing dogs is one part, but changing the human is where the real work begins. Please take time and look through our website to find out how we can CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR DOGS!


REHABILITATION:  Rehabilitation is the process of helping a dog achieve the highest level of function, independence, and quality of life possible. Rehabilitation does not reverse or undo the damage caused by disease or trauma, but rather helps restore the dog to optimal health, functioning, and well-being.

"Until someone experiences it, they won't understand how much you can really help them." -Katy R.


"I learned more in one hour from you, than months working with other trainers." -Sara M.


"You showed me in a half hour what we have been struggling with for two years."  -Jennifer R.


"You taught me more than two sessions with you than my entire life with 25 dogs." -Lisa H.

At Dharma Dog Training, I take a unique relationship based and balanced approach in training for you and your dogs with a process called "COMMUNICATIVE LEASHWORK PROCESS"   and as an intuitive, mindful dog trainer I take into account how your dogs genetics, physical health, diet, living environment, human energy and actions affects your dogs behavior.  This is STATE OF MIND dog training, which is based on building a foundation for a calm state of mind for your dogs.   We take pride in offering the most humane, effective and always the least invasive, minimally aversive (LIMA) dog training techniques.  Our goal is to keep dogs healthy, happy and in their homes, while increasing the bond between you and your dogs so that you may both live a longer, happier, more peaceful life together!


In the wild, dogs don't need humans to achieve balance because they have a pack leader, they work for food and travel with the pack. Our dog training is NOT about dominating your dog, it's about RESPECT on BOTH ends of the leash and our responsibility to GUIDE our dogs to make appropriate choices keeping them safe in our human world.  While doing this, ensure your dogs needs are fulfilled as nature intended, thus helping them achieve balance.  We will teach you how to be the leader your dog needs you to be to help them feel safe and secure so they can just relax, enjoy life and be a dog.


By helping our dogs better understand what behaviors we want from them, we can increase their self confidence and also help RELIEVE ANXIETY by helping them understand the world.  We use a unique style of "pressure/release" dog training to open communication lines between owners and their dogs.  We also work to reward and mark the wanted behaviors, but also by setting clear, consistent boundaries and rules for our dogs they can behave in ways that are healthy, safe and socially appropriate.  Boundaries are necessary in any healthy relationship and our balanced dog training methods can help you achieve results you are looking for!


Knowledgeable dog trainers understand animals are not born knowing how to fit into our human lives.  Expecting an animal to know what we want from them without giving them proper direction is unrealistic and punishing an animal for not knowing something is unfair.  But just like children need rules and boundaries, so do dogs, and we do not believe in ignoring bad behavior which is unfair to our clients and their dogs.  We believe these unhealthy behaviors should be addressed at the time they happen to give your dog immediate feedback and it's our job to help you address these behaviors by setting clear rules and boundaries which is NOT to be confused with punishment.  


In BALANCED dog training, we work to create CLEAR communication, so the animal understands what is expected.  They are no longer confused by mixed information and can finally RELAX, hence a CALM and PEACEFUL dog and household!  I had to search far and wide, traveling to work with some of the best trainers in the country, to develop our proven and successful methods.  Thanks for reading about us,we are looking forward to helping you and your dogs!

Kelley McAtee  &  The Dharma Dog Pack




"We were desperately seeking someone to help us correct our German Shepherd’s sudden reactivity around other dogs.  Nero (our dog) would lunge and bark at the sight of another dog, making a huge, embarrassing scene.  This behavior left me angry, frustrated, and sometimes even in tears.  We could no longer take him to dog playgroups, dog parks, or any other dog-friendly events. 


We contacted trainer after trainer to help us with his issue, yet none of them were able to help us. I felt like it was a waste of time and money and it only left me feeling more frustrated. We were truly at a loss of what do with him. That is until we found Kelley!  Unlike the other trainers, Kelley never once told us to simply avoid other dogs. In fact, she did the opposite; she invited us on her pack walks after we had the tools to work with Nero. By being around other dogs, we were able to directly address his behavior!


I believe a huge reason for our success, is that Kelley didn’t just take the leash from us and do all of the training herself. Instead, she worked with us an gave us the knowledge, tools, and most importantly, the confidence to correct Nero’s behavior ourselves. Thanks to Kelley, we can once again take Nero for relaxing walks and to dog friendly events.   Instead of having the embarrassing moments of reactivity, we are now getting complimented on how well-behaved Nero is! Kelley is an amazing trainer/behavior specialist and I highly recommend her for anyone seeking help with their dog’s behavior."

-Angela & Greg C., Papillion, NE 


"I sought Dharma's help when my newly adopted dog started exhibiting intense human aggression.  I figured I was going to have to put her down because she was so powerful and unstable and there was great risk in keeping a dog in that state of mind.  They took the time to tell me exactly what muzzle to use and how to condition her to it via email before I even met her so that everyone would stay safe until I could get in for a session.  And then in the very first session Dharma showed me what to do to drastically alter my dog's state of mind....Kelley essentially saved Bristal's life and for that I am more grateful than I can possibly describe.  Her support on this journey with my beautiful dog has been invaluable.  We love you Kelley!" 

-Katy R., Lincoln, NE 


"I didn't know if anything could be done to help Ivan. Everyone told me I should give him up due to his destructive behavior and aggression issues. Since our first meeting a lot of the behavior has corrected itself due to the tools Kelley has given us. It wasn't Ivan's behavior that needed modification but mine. Since also crating his sister beside him he now can be kenneled without harming himself. I would never of given up on him not matter what but felt like a failure as a dog mom. Dharma gave me the tools I needed to help him become the best he could be and for me to become the best dog mom I could be.  He is very eager to please me so training hasn't been that hard with him.  However his pointer sister is proving to be more difficult. We will get there it just takes time. Thank you for existing without something like you here in Omaha I don't know what we would of done. Thank you also for helping dogs like Ivan "bully breed" they already have so much stacked against them they need all the support they can get."


-Tara G., Omaha NE 


"What a difference Dharma has made in our life with our dog Sophie! Sophie is almost two and was an extremely excitable crazy dog, happy and sweet, but pretty much out of control; jumping on people, running, licking, play biting my hand, running from us, hating her kennel and using the carpet as a bathroom.  We were all frustrated, so my vet recommended Dharma (I call them a miracle!) We went from a crazy dog to a calm and relaxed dog who walks by my side, listens to commands, follows instruction, doesn't run off and stops when I tell her to.  Dharma's training has changed our lives, we have a well behaved dog and I receive frequent compliments on how good my dog is! Thank you Kelley for teaching Sophie how to relax and just be a dog!"


-Kim L., Omaha NE 

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